About us

Dr. Peter Mele, attorney – specialist

Peter Mele is a doctor of science in the field of law. The Bar Association of Slovenia granted him the status of attorney – specialist. Peter Mele is a founder and manager of the law firm. He graduated from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana in 1996. He runs, coordinates and supervises the work of all staff members. His work focuses on advising the companies regarding their relationships with the employees and staff-related procedures. Whenever individuals are involved, he mainly covers criminal proceedings and procedures related to division of co-property. He is fluent in English, Croatian and Serbian.

Primož Greif, attorney

Primož Greif has been involved with the office since 2008 and has been employed since January 2010. He is a procuration holder of the law firm and the Manager of the office in Kranj. In the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana he graduated cum laude in 2009 and passed his bar exam in 2013. He is mostly involved in labour and obligations law and also deals with commercial, property, inheritance and social law. He communicates in English and Croatian.

Nina Kuzmič, attorney

Nina Kuzmič was employed in the law firm after graduating from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana in 2011 and passed her bar exam in May 2016. She mostly deals with labour, executive, obligations and tort law and she is also involved with customers having a long-term legal counselling agreement with the law firm. She communicates in English, Croatian and Serbian.

odvetnik Tine Makovec

Tine Makovec, attorney

Tjaša Kebe, associate

Tjaša Kebe has worked with the law firm since 2017. After graduating from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana she was employed as an associate. Her work mostly covers legal counselling for customers and drawing up documents. She also runs logistics in the office in Cerknica and communicates in English.

Odvetniška pisarna Mele

Tone Sušec, associate

Tone Sušec graduated in the Faculty of Law in 2002. He deals exclusively with special legal fields, such as real-estate and property transactions and offers advice to investors on potential changes related to non-building land, structure gauging and building conditions, construction agreements, commercial contracts with international elements, company law, setting-up companies abroad and factoring. He communicates in English, French, German, Serbian and Croatian and is a passive speaker of Italian.


Odvetniška pisarna Mele

Maja Južnik Panič

Maja Južnik Panič deals with logistics of the law firm. She communicates in English.