How we work


If you prefer electronic communication, feel free to send us your question via a special form (Ask the attorneys!) We reply quickly free of charge. You will be sent introductory information (i.e. whether or not we represent and offer advice in a particular field of interest, whether or not we would be able to accept a particular case or whether or not the case is suitable for representation, etc.) You will also receive information regarding the recommended method of solving the case. By doing so we can avoid particular situations that would require a payable meeting, potentially resulting in discussing matters, which cannot be covered by our law firm. Why do we point out a free-of-charge method? The purpose is to clearly divide between free DISCUSSIONS that might potentially result in ordering attorney services and between payable legal COUNSELLING and REPRESENTATION. Your questions and our free replies are part of the discussion procedure without any obligations whatsoever on either party. By pointing out our free answers you can also be assured and calm for only making an inquiry regarding our representation without ordering any of our payable services.



During our regular office hours between 8.30 am and 4 pm you may:

  • call us on 01 / 433 86 12 or dial a mobile phone number 031 315 300;
  • describe the situation in short
  • make an appointment (an appointment is chargeable, see The costs section).



  • come to one of our offices at an appointed time (see Where we are section);
  • explain the entire matter during the appointment (provide the documents and papers too);
  • our attorney will give advice on how to solve the matter;
  • define the costs predicted;
  • in case you decide to hire us as your representatives, you will sign an authorization form and all other necessary documents.



How we work

As qualified personnel only the Bachelors of Laws work in the law firm. We are all registered members of the Bar Association of Slovenia, providing high proficiency level. Internet and e-mail are regularly used, keeping us well informed and highly responsive.

We do not wish to state our references in terms of academic achievements both home and abroad, or point out other specialized knowledge and victories gained in competitions. Every member of our office has excellent references and recommendations; we, however, believe that they are not essential for the attorney’s good work. If we – as attorneys – pointed out our exclusivity, it would seem we are only interested in accepting elite customers with elite cases. Good cooperation can as well be possible for regular people with regular problems. We will still be able to understand you, respect you and take you seriously. What matters is that the attorney knows how to work with regular people and that he or she understands the problems they have to face. This is the only way to successfully combine legal theory with legal practice. The attorney cannot be a legal theorist who is only enthusiastic about legal rules, but someone, who is able to comprehend and grasp the concept of people’s destinies.

Our relationships with the clients are based on kindness, trust, respect and patience. These are the grounds for successful cooperation. We fully and actively devote to every case we accept. Our goal is to resolve the matter quickly and without delay by offering affordable prices and making sure our work is fully beneficial for the customer.

There is absolutely no need to feel anxious when getting in touch for the first time. We will do everything to make you feel trusted and respected. We will also do our best to assure you that you truly received your money’s worth.