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You are currently on a website ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE d.o.o., www.odvetnik-mele.si. Your website access and its use are regulated by the following terms and conditions. By entering the website, you agree to general terms and conditions and commit to following their provisions. ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE d.o.o. reserves the right to change or update general terms and conditions without notification.


All the information, published on the website www.odvetnik-mele.si must be verified with our co-workers. ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE d.o.o. dedicates a lot of attention to regularity and accuracy of this information by regularly checking and updating it. However, the information can be changed during two updating sessions. Therefore, ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE d.o.o. is not held responsible for information accuracy, neither does it offer any guarantee for data integrity or correct interpretation of the information. The same applies to all other web pages, which can be accessed via hypertext links. Connections with such pages will be established at your own risk, because ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE d.o.o. is not to be held responsible for any connection.


Website information is only informative and ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE d.o.o. assumes no responsibility for the mistakes throughout the content, neither can it be accountable for the accuracy of the information published, which may have occurred due to time mismatch, mistakes made while entering the page or other, unpredictable causes. The content published in this website or related webpages can therefore include incorrect pieces of information, misprints and grammatical or typographical errors. ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE d.o.o. is not to be held accountable for any of them.


ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE d.o.o. is not required to update the content of the website, but may change the content at any time without any preliminary notification. ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE d.o.o. therefore reserves the right to change and update the website content.


This website is an intellectual property of ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE d.o.o. All the information, products and service descriptions along with other information, including all the computer programmes, available on the website, are copyright protected. The users must not change, copy, distribute, transmit, display, publish, sell, license or modify any of them into products or use them for commercial and public purposes.


Pictures of persons, objects, places and other photos, displayed on the website, belong to ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE d.o.o. or have been published with the owner’s consent. Any use of these pictures without the owner’s written consent is prohibited and will be considered copyright violation or deemed as copyright violation of other intellectual property or regulations regarding the protection of personal data.


Brands, logos and service trademarks, displayed on the website, belong to ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE d.o.o. or third parties. Without the written consent of ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE d.o.o., being the owner of the registered service trademarks, the users are prohibited to use them. Applications with the explanation regarding the purpose of using the information, must be sent to the following address:


Registered company name: ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE D.O.O.
Address: Resljeva c. 25, 1000 Ljubljana
E-mail: info@odvetnik-mele.si
Telephone number: + 386 (1) 433 86 12


ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE d.o.o. reserves the right to apply any legal means necessary in case the general terms and conditions are violated, including the right to block one’s access to the website from a particular internet address.


Purpose of collecting personal data

Personal information of the users is processed by the website manager for the following purposes:
User demand

The following personal data of the users can be processed by the website manager:
Name and surname
Permanent or temporary residence address
Phone number and/or mobile number:


User’s personal consent

The website manager ensures the possibility for the user to give personal consent whenever necessary without preliminary marking of the check box. The users’ personal consent expresses their voluntary expression of will, which allows their personal data to be processed for a particular purpose and is provided based on the information, ensured by the website manager in the general terms and conditions herein.


Direct marketing

For the purposes of direct marketing the website manager does not use any personal information.


Transmitting the user’s personal information to third parties

The website manager does not transmit the user’s personal information to third parties.


Storing personal information

The webpage www.odvetnik-mele.si does not store any of the user’s information, when the question is sent. The information is transmitted directly to the e-mail address of ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA MELE d.o.o and is only used to communicate with the user.